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The club was established in 1965 by a group of collectors from Prague. Soon, it became a nationwide club, and in a course of years, it became oriented on nontraditional collectors field. Its activities evolved in several cultural facilities, and since 1993, it has been an independent civic association.

The club published a club magazine, “Sběratel” /The Collector/ that is being issued four times a year and consists of 48 black-and-white and 16 color pages. The magazine publishes expert articles related to collecting, information about dates and times of meetings of collectors from the whole country, club news, and classifieds. During a course of its existence, it published several dozens of professional collector publications.

Every year, grand meetings of collectors, which are organized by the club, are visited by 10,000 visitors. Currently, the Curiosity Collectors´ Club is the largest collectors club in the Czech Republic and has 1,000 members who are engaged in more than 200 collector fields. The larger group of collectors consists of sections and fields that have their expert sponsors represented by experienced collectors. The large part of a group of members consists of collectors who focus on original subjects, and their collections are often internationally known.

The club takes care of quality improvement of collections of its members, and every three years, it organizes the SBĚRATELSTVÍ /Collecting/ event when the largest collections in larger collection fields are guessed, and original or specialized collections can win the REMARKABLE COLLECTION award. Members of the club are sought by media, approximately 200 – 250 articles and news regarding the club are published every year, and appearances in electronic media are frequent as well.

The club's aspiration is to have as many of notable collectors from the Czech Republic as possible for members, and that objective has been successfully fulfilled.   Kinder figures

Larger groups of collectors are associated in the following sections:

Smaller groups of collectors consist of the following fields:

Autographs, tea wraps, razor blade wraps, chocolate wraps, smokers needs, labels from fruits and vegetables, paper tissues, and chewing gum wraps.

Members with different collector interests represent large and important section of different fields.

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